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‘Caritas in Veritate International’ is a confederation of Catholic institutions, dedicated to recruiting, forming, mobilizing and engaging young volunteers, to bring charity in truth, and human progress to all people.

Crisis in Syria and in Iraq

Minorities groups including Catholics are in greater danger.
It is estimated that more than 4 million people had to more in Iraq alone and are now are living in the open wilderness facing famine, illness, and possible persecution. The International community is being asked to intervene to save hundreds of thousands of lives. Syrian and Rebels are 

Fresh evidence of mass executions by the Islamic State emerged on Thursday when the group released a video appearing to show the murder of up to 250 Syrian soldiers.


In footage that will bolster the group's status as the world's most brutal terrorist outfit, captured Syrian troops were shown being forced to run through the desert in their underwear before facing a firing squad. Their near-naked corpses were then shown lying face down in a long, snaking line at the foot of a sandbank. The line appeared to stretch for nearly 100 yards.


According to UN, in Syria we have now about 4 million refugees.


Catholic and Orthodox Patriarchs in the Middle East  have denounced the attacks on Christians and called the international community to help.


“ The very existence of christians is at stake in several Arab countries- notably in Iraq, Syria and Egypt.” says a statement of the Patriarchs after meeting international diplomats.

Caritas in Veritate International joins other international organizations to fund and assists minorities in Syria and Iraq. Your help is appreciated.