Aid. Truth. Transformation.

‘Caritas in Veritate International’ is a confederation of Catholic institutions, dedicated to recruiting, forming, mobilizing and engaging young volunteers, to bring charity in truth, and human progress to all people.

Mission and Vision

Caritas in Veritate International is a confederation of catholic institutions, dedicated to recruit, mobilize and engage volunteers, with particular focus on young people:

  • to bring charity in truth and human progress to people in great need
  • to transform lives, by alleviating suffering, restoring dignity and inspiring hope,
  • through the formation of volunteers in mind, heart, and spirit, as inspired by God’s unconditional love

Our Vision

It is our vision that CiVI will have a four-fold impact:

  • Fulfilling the vision of Pope Francis to bring both charity and truth to people in great need
  • Transforming lives of the underprivileged, and inspiring hope to those affected by natural disasters or poverty, through charitable works and brotherly aid
  • Building long-term, local communities which will be able to assist in the efforts of both charity and truth
  • Forming a generation of young leaders who will continue to practice the integrated compassion of good works and evangelization for the rest of their lives