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Ending Violence Against Children







What is happening? 

Violence against children is defined as all forms of physical, sexual and mental violence, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, harm or abuse, including commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking, child labour, cyber abuse and harmful practices such as female genital mutilation/cutting and child marriage.

Every year, in every country and every community, violence robs children of happiness, dignity, a future. More than one billion children. No matter what form it takes, violence denies children the life we believe God desires for all of them.

More than three quarters (76%) of people know of a child victim of violence, and nearly one third

(30%) know one personally. The majority of people (62%) believe the problem has increased in their country over the past five years, and nearly half (45%) feel that enough is not being done.[1]

“Never in recent memory have so many children been subjected to such violent brutality: children used as soldiers, suicide bombers, sex slaves, and disposable intelligence-gatherers in the most dangerous military operations,……These crimes must be condemned in the strongest possible terms”   Archbishop Bernardito Auza, the Apostolic Nuncio and Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations.

Together we are launching a global campaign to contribute to ending violence against children. It runs from the smallest community to the largest global stage.


What Caritas in Veritate International and World Vision will do

We know from our programming experience that ending violence against children goes well beyond interventions in any one sector. Work in multiple development sectors will contribute to the ending

violence against children through specific interventions, project models, approaches, expertise and research.

Overarching Goal

Positively impact the lives of hundreds of millions of the most vulnerable boys and girls by 2021, by making a significant contribution towards ending violence against children in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals.



1.     Ignite movements for, with, and by children to catalyse global changes in attitudes, raise awareness and drive courageous and effective action to end violence against boys and girls.

2.     Fortify prevention, response, and restorative measures to address violence against boys and girls.

3.    Increase in long-term targeted funding to end violence against boys and girls.

4.     Strengthen accountability for the implementation of commitments to end violence against boys and girls.


Our campaign will be driven by five intentionally ambitious factors:

1.     Thinking differently about partnerships, coalitions, and external platforms – this campaign will test and pilot new ways of thinking and seek out innovative influencers.

2.     Driven by what works - campaign objectives, plans, implementation and evaluation will be fundamentally shaped by field evidence and real experiences of boys and girls.

3.     Enabling children and youth as agents of change – children and youth participation will be one of our signature approaches, empowering children as competent social actors in creating change and key partners in the campaign.

4.     Reaching the most vulnerable in the hardest places - The campaign will intentionally have a focus on fragile and conflict-affected contexts.

5.     Faith in action – our faith identity will contribute greatly in working with faith leaders, churches and communities.  


Why the Church should get engaged?

The Church is an indispensable partner in the process of changing attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours that condone violence against boys and girls. As a Body of Christ, we believe that the solutions are within reach. It takes all expressions of the Church to end violence against children.


We believe that violence against children is a violation of the life God desires for every child.   We believe that children are made in the image of God and no matter what form violence takes, it denies children the life God desires for all of them. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

We recognise what churches have been doing already to end violence against children. We are excited to be part of a growing movement by faith based networks and diverse churches. 

We recognise that combating violence is a sacred process which requires courage and touches the heart. The campaign will therefore include intentional efforts to strengthen and equip communities, staff, and partners spiritually to fight to end violence against boys and girls. The campaign will include space for grieving with boys and girls and families who have experienced violence, while pointing toward the hope of peace and protection that God desires for every child and community. Instead of self-focused hope, God invites us to be partners to “let your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.” 


How your church can get engaged?

Ending violence against children can only be achieved if we work together as never before. Church and faith partners can mobilize and empower their communities and children themselves to have stronger voices on these issues. And we can do this by:


·         Show what is possible. Capture and share stories, experiences and actions being taken by different stakeholders to address violence against children, inspiring and encouraging others.

·         Co-design and execute plans and actions at national and local levels, to deliver and support effective interventions to end violence against children at national and local levels.

·         Implement solutions that help prevent and address violence within our communities.

·         Reach new audiences via our respective areas of influence and networks.

·         Increase evidence and expertise of work being done to address violence against children through conducting research, pooling our intelligence, and sharing best practices.

·         Stand together by delivering joint messaging and positions at critical and key moments.


Stay connected 

For more information on how the Church can be part of the movement to end violence against children please contact us at: or or

[1] Fearing Wrong.  World Vision/Ipsos-Reid study.  These are the among the findings of Fearing Wrong, a study that consisted of a 15 to 20 minute survey among 11,331 individuals in 28 different countries worldwide, offered in 12 different languages, and conducted between July and August, 2014. In most countries the survey was conducted online. In Lebanon, Pakistan, El Salvador, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of  Congo and Bangladesh, where large and diverse online samples were not available, the survey was administered in-person.