A Charitable Missionary Confederation

‘Caritas in veritate’ is the principal driving force behind
the authentic development of every person and of all humanity.”


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Caritas in Veritate International is a confederation of Catholic institutions, dedicated to recruiting, forming, mobilizing and engaging young volunteers, to bring charity in truth, and human progress to all people.
Pray & Donate to Syria and Iraq
Defend and Articulate the Truth
Build a Culture of Charity
Rebuild a Community Struck by Tragedy
Respond to the call of charity in truth
Raise a Generation of Leaders

Every 3.6 seconds one person dies of starvation. Usually it is a child under the age of 5.

Poverty hits children hardest...you can make a difference.


How You Can Help?

With your help, we can respond to the world's great needs.

Do you have a gift or talent that can contribute to the mission of CiVI?

There are special opportunities to be a part of CiVI.

More than 1.4 billion people living in poverty around the world. One child waits for your help.